Tacos California Inc
Sirviendo a nuestra comunidad los mejores antojitos Mexicanos desde el 2002...Muchas gracias por su preferencia!


Catering is offered on a first come first served basis in Thurston County and max 25 mile radius of Lacey. Minimum requirements: Min. order is $900 (PLUS TAX); Min. Deposit $100; Min. Tip 10% of invoice; minimum 2 weeks advanced notice. Maximum *2 hour serving window (longer for 250 or more guests) Not suitable for less than 100 guests. Prices shown do not include tax. 
  • You choose the price option, your guests choose 1 food item from that option
  • We provide order cards
  • You can add CAN SODA or WATER for additional fee (PLUS TAX)
Meat choices for each option are: Chicken, Steak or Pork (or vegetarian upon request)

Option 1 $10.50
*3 Tacos with sides of rice & beans
*Fajita Burrito
*Cubana Torta

Option 2 $9.50
*2 Mulitas
*Burrito Deluxe
*4 Tacos (no sides)
*2 Sopes

Option 3 $9.00
*2 Tacos with sides of rice & beans
*Regular Torta

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